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"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." ~Goethe

Personal Development Plan


Type of Goal

To improve my written communication skills

Career Development Goal Current Position Goal

To improve my leadership skills

Current Position Goal

To become a better organizer

Current Position Goal Refresher

Developmental Activities






(1) Attend Writing Course

  • Business Writing

  • Improving Grammar

  • Writing That Works

(2) Get Coached by Assistant Division Chief

  • Shadow ADC

(3) Get Mentored by an Influential Team Lead

(4) Take assessment to determine what

type of leader am I.

(5) Attend Leadership Skills for Non-

Supervisory Specialist Course

(6) Attend Organizational Skills for the

Overwhelmed Course

Rationale for Developmental Activities: Formal education is a major part of my organization. We provide on-site training, and also pay for outside training if said training is mission critical or aligns to your current position. Since my current position as a Instructional Systems Specialist requires me to communicate with both internal and external customers in numerous ways, I would like to improve my written communication skills. In order to do so, I can attend the several on-site training provided by my organization. I consider improving my written communication skill to be a goal not just for my current position, but also for my overall career since communication is a part of everyday no matter what career. To improve my leadership skills, I will take advantage of my organization mentoring program and receive coaching from my Assistant Division Chief (ADC), who has been in a leadership role for over 20 years; and an influential team leader, who was once a non-supervisory specialists less than 3 years ago. Working with my ADC will provided me with extensive knowledge of her leadership experience, while working with a fairly new leaders will give me insight on how he/she became a leader. My organizations Career Resource Center also provide assessments to identify different characteristics and traits. One of their assessments is discovering what type of leader you are and if you are even capable of being a leader. In addition, my organization also offers a on-site course on leadership skills. This course helps promotes leadership no matter where you stand in your organization (leading from where you are). To improve my organizational skills, I will attend my organization’s on-site course on organizational skills. When I first started at my organization, I attended a basic course on organization and prioritizing. Now that I am in a position that keeps me very busy, I need to improve my organizational skills even more in order to stay on track with all of my assignments.


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One thought on “Personal Development Plan

  1. Hi Traci,

    Thanks for sharing your developmental plan so honestly. Your company seems to take employee development quite seriously judging from the variety of development options they provide.

    I think it is truly empowering when you are able to recognize areas for development and you can identify specific ways to act on those plans. Did you experience any feeling of liberation or empowerment, and how did that make you feel going back to work after completing your analysis?

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