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The Truth About Training

Tell the Truth

“Why is training important”, you may ask. “Training is time consuming and not cost effective”, you may think. Well I am here to tell you the truth about training; and how it can benefit you and the organization to which you work.

For the organization, training is important for contributing to its competitiveness. When an organization has a competitive advantage, that organization will have the “ability to maintain and gain market share in an industry” (Noe, 2013, p. 6). Training helps an organization grow and improve customer service by providing employees with the knowledge and skills needed to reach business goals and objectives. Training plays a strategic role in supporting your organization.

Now for you, the employee. As previously mentioned, training gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge base. “The goal of training is for employees to master the knowledge, skills, and behavior emphasized in the training and apply them to their day-to-day activities” (Noe, p.8). When you are successful and efficient, so is your organization.

It is important to understand that you, the employee, is one of your organization’s most valuable asset. Your knowledge and skills is an intangible asset. Because of your value, it is important for your organization to invest in their employee. Employees should be provided effective education and training in which such training interventions would result in better organization and individual performance.


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One thought on “The Truth About Training

  1. Great post Traci,

    You have done a great job at identifying key reasons for employees to take part in training. As I worked on this assignment I reflected on something I read about Google’s employment and training policy. What resonated with me was the way they encouraged creativity and increased the likelihood that their employees will use the skills they learn in the workplace by following some simple rules. This is not the exact article I read earlier but it does speak to what I remember. Thanks for sharing.


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